DIY balance beam for kids

A balance beam can be a cool addition to your yard, especially if you have kids. And what best way to do it than building it yourself! Don’t worry, it’s not as much work as it looks and you won’t need to break the bank either 😉 Here’s how you can build this fun little […]

Organize your yard for spring

With spring just right around the corner, you might think this is the right time to start getting your yard ready for warmer weather. And this yard, of course wasn’t the exception. One of the problems that it had is that it lacked functionality: the tools were everywhere and there wasn’t a place to keep […]

How to modernize a traditional Spanish

Combining a traditional Spanish look of a house with a more modern flair can definitely be a challenge. That’s what I thought when I first picked up this project, especially because the whole place needed renewal and the yard architecture was quite prominent —the garden was overgrown and unkept, and the whole place looked old, […]

DIY: decorative fence panels for your yard

Decorative fence panels are my go-to solution for jazzing up an otherwise meh space. Easy to build, pleasing to the eye, and most importantly, long-lasting… Plus, they won’t break the bank.  If you have been following my blog for a while, you might know that I like quick and simple solutions for boring backgrounds. And […]

Bougainvillea 101

Bougainvillea is one of my favorite plants. They are drought tolerant and bloom almost all year round. The best part is that you can find bougainvillea in numerous colors of the spectrum from white to orange to pink to purple and red.  While technically bougainvilleas are vines, they are self-supporting, meaning they can grow vertically […]

Ideas for using blue in backyard design

Blue concrete is expensive but might be worth it in the right applications I know black and white and shades between those two are all the rage. And it can look wonderful for many projects, but I do think it’s at the height of its popularity. It would have been simple to pick a grey […]

Creating a fall tablescape from your garden

It’s so easy to buy disposable ‘things’ to decorate for parties, holidays, etc. But often I feel like that type of tablescape lacks a sense of place or genuine meaning. So I set out to create an outdoor tablescape almost only using things from my yard or landscape materials that can be reused or recycled […]

5 creative ways to landscape a sloped yard

Landscaping a slope is no joke. That’s because the steeper the hill, (usually) the steeper the cost—and for fair reason. A slope is really any change in grade on a property, and most all yards have that at least minimally. However, a very vertical slope (think 45 degrees) makes it difficult for landscape contractors to […]

DIY succulent log planter

Got a log lying around? Congrats! You’ve checked off the first step to building a succulent log planter. A stylish solution for salvaged wood, a succulent log planter makes for a natural element in a landscape and also a low-waste solution for leftover lumber, damaged branches, and other discarded woods. The best part of all […]

DIY outdoor coffee table with storage

An outdoor coffee table is essential for an entertaining zone in your landscape. And today’s case in point doubles as a centerpiece and a storage piece, bringing function and style to a patio. Standing 16” tall, built out of redwood, and with hardware from National Hardware, this outdoor coffee table with storage was made to […]