Organize your yard for spring

With spring just right around the corner, you might think this is the right time to start getting your yard ready for warmer weather. And this yard, of course wasn’t the exception.

One of the problems that it had is that it lacked functionality: the tools were everywhere and there wasn’t a place to keep yard materials. On top of that, it wasn’t all that visually appealing. 

Since this is my best friend’s yard, I wanted to help her organize up this space and get ready. So I teamed up with Suncast so we could get ready for spring and give all these tools a home before we tackle the rest of the renovation. 

Giving garden tools a home

As I mentioned before, one of the problems in this project is that there wasn’t really a designated space for the tools. All of them were just spread around the garden and inside the garage. This caused the clients to have a hard time finding them whenever they needed them. So, I gave this yard a brand new shed.

I decided to use a Vertical Shed from Suncast to take care of this. It’s made out of resin, which makes it strong and durable, UV and water-resistant. Plus, you can customize the inside to fit any garden necessity.

One of the things I like the most about Suncast products is that they are very easy to assemble. You don’t need power tools. Just a good ol’ screwdriver and a rubber mallet and you’re ready to go! I brought my dad along to give me a hand.

And with that, we had solved problem #1!

Something cute and functional

My friend/client is so excited to get her garden going this year that she had some bagged soil laying around. But it looks messy just laying around.

Enter this cute Deck Box from Suncast. It did the job perfectly! And, since it’s also made out of resin, it’d be very easy to clean as well. Mild soap and water would get rid of any dirt or grime. 

Want to know something cool? You can use it as a seat! Small, cute, and functional. What’s not to like?

The hose nightmare

Storing a hose can be a whole ordeal; if you don’t have the patience and the time, you can end up with a tangled mess that can take a long time to fix. 

When I noticed this was another thing the client was struggling with, I thought of bringing a Slide Trak Hose Hideaway from Suncast to the space. It helped them keep their house neat and organized, finally forgetting about the tangled nightmare.

And it didn’t need any assembly, so we were pretty much ready to go!

Another great thing about Suncast is that a lot of their products have similar colors and styles. Clashing colors or styles wasn’t a problem at all.

One final touch…

Now, covering up an AC might sound like something trivial but in highly visible areas its a good idea so the space looks more like a yard and less like a utility area!

I had many options to choose from, but found that the Outdoor Screen Enclosure from Suncast was the best one for this yard. However, this time, I went for white, to compliment the grey shed & the house and bring it all together. Otherwise, it would’ve looked a bit too dull and flat.

It was very quick and simple! All I needed was a hammer and in less than an 10 minutes, my friend side yard had a new organize and put together look, ready for spring!

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