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Sara Bendrick

is a designer, licensed contractor & T.V. Host for the DIY Network.  She has a bachelors in landscape architecture from Cal Poly SLO and when not filming ‘I Hate my Yard’ or her new series “Lawn & Order’  she runs a Landscape design/build company, ‘Sarita Landscape Design’. Sara recently published a book, ‘Big Impact Landscaping’ that breaks down projects on all budgets to help homeowners create spaces that increase value, function and overall aesthetics.

Sara Bendrick, was born & raised in San Diego, California, she started at a young age with a passion for art, nature and an appreciation for anything living. Sara studied at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received her Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture.

As a college student she worked a few different landscaping jobs including being a forewoman for a landscape maintenance company & interning for CALTRANS. After college Sara honed her residential design skills by working for a design/build firm and eventually when out on her own and started her own landscape design business.

“I love that I have the opportunity to combine nature with a built environment to create a sense of place.  I have always be interested in horticulture & art, designing landscapes allows me to combine both of my passions.  I feel very fortunate to have a career that can combine artistic expression & environmental awareness with purpose & function.”

As a landscape designer & contractor with a passion for being involved with her projects, hosting show’s for the DIY Network is the perfect fit. Sara loves to interact and help homeowners realize the opportunity in their exterior spaces.  With a DIY attitude Sara & team tackle tough yards with the help of the homeowners to keep the budget in check. Sara guides the homeowners through the renovation process by tasking them with fun, creative and aesthetically pleasing projects to take back the yard once & for all.

“I was alway interested in doing opposed to watching.  When I was young I would sew doll clothes out of my old T-shirts, draw, paint, and dig in the dirt.  My whole life has been about trial & error, figuring things out as I go. When I was a little older I decided I wanted chickens, so I read a book and got to it, luckily that was a success! Unlike my attempt at a 5000 Red-worm worm farm.”