What if, instead of an afterthought, we thought of our yards as an integrated part of our home and the fabric that weaves together our neighborhood, creating a sense of place and an influential part of our environment?

Sara Bendrick Torres

is a Mexican American landscape powerhouse bringing an underrepresented point-of-view and passionate expertise to her craft.

Her creative vision breaks traditional design to use nature as her canvas and create outdoor spaces that meet the needs of her clients, increase property value and support a healthy planet.

Sara’s passion for art and all living things led her to study Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly SLO and start Sarita Landscapes. 

Grounded in an unwavering respect for nature, she approaches each project as a work of permanent art, working closely with the natural environment to repurpose materials and create something truly unique for each of her clients.

Amplify Your Brand

Partnership Opportunities

Brand Ambassador

Sara partners with brands looking for a trusted voice to represent their products. Her experience allows her to collaborate on a wide range of deliverables from content development to product campaigns and giveaways to media set design to product development.

Content Creator

Sara and her team take a collaborative approach to content creation and can be engaged to ideate concepts, execute projects and produce high quality, channel appropriate content from brand awareness to product reviews to DIY tutorials.

Host + Speaker

From television to Ted Talks, Sara has a wealth of live and taped, on-camera experience and can be engaged to bring her perspective and personality to your media tours, content or brand experiences.

Sara can amplify your brand or media across her channels

Landscape Construction + Design

Based in San Diego, Sara and her team design and build.

Landscape Design Consulting

Not based in Southern California? Try a virtual consultation.

A few of Sara's Partners