Modern black and white yard makeover

Using a black and white color palette can sound a little bland and boring for a yard. However, if you know how to play around with the shades in between and add splashes of color here and there, you can achieve an amazing product with an impeccable aesthetic. The main goal for this project was […]

DIY modern bench

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to hardscape materials, I love using natural stones, pebbles, or luxury pavers to elevate a yard. But there’s nothing quite as versatile as good ‘ole concrete. Case in point: The concrete and wood bench you see here. For starters, concrete is affordable. It’s also strong. For slabs, walkways, […]

Low-maintenance modern landscape ideas

A “modern” landscape design doesn’t have to translate to “expensive” and high-maintenance. Sure, the word might make you think of something shiny and new. But the simplicity of a modern landscape can make it quite budget-friendly in the installation process and in the long-run. That’s thanks to defining features like clean lines, subtle accents, and […]