Mulch 101

Ever since I started my landscaping business, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t really know what to cover open soil with. You know the void between planting in the garden? Naturally, nature will cover itself with other plants, what we might consider weeds, and debris —aka, fallen leaves, twigs, etc. While this can look great […]

Bougainvillea 101

Bougainvillea is one of my favorite plants. They are drought tolerant and bloom almost all year round. The best part is that you can find bougainvillea in numerous colors of the spectrum from white to orange to pink to purple and red.  While technically bougainvilleas are vines, they are self-supporting, meaning they can grow vertically […]

Bamboo 101

Bamboo isn’t just a panda’s snack. It’s a beautiful and versatile plant that has many uses in the urban landscape. You can install it as a privacy screening to block out nosy neighbors, or use it as a hedge. But, in my eyes, the biggest pro of all is how it can add architectural interest […]

5 must-have California native plants

As California homeowners have fawned over and fallen for showier foreign plants through the years, California native plants seem to have gone to the wayside. Hurting the case for California native plants even more is that many homeowners don’t understand how to manage them, given they adapt to seasonality. (If done right, adding irrigation and […]

The benefits of front yard trees

Working in landscaping for so many years has taught me that sometimes people just prefer to remove trees than just work around them. This happened with one of our potential clients. They wanted to remove their 50-year-old magnolia tree, flatten the yard and replace it all with one layer of gravel. Although this might seem […]