Satellite Media Tour

Sara’s partnership with STIHL includes a Satellite media tour where she shares garden tips with 20 news and radio stations across the country to inspire creative ideas and raise brand and product awareness.

A segment with Marie!

Marie! is an inspirational journey to help people make a difference in their own lives. The segments will feature celebrity and non-celebrity guests who drop by for everything from a revelatory discussion, lifestyle tips and trends, socially important issues, and breakthroughs that empower families. Sara joins the show to discuss trends in the landscape industry 

DIY Outdoor Living Room

Sara Bendrick is giving you some easy tips on how to make the perfect living space outdoors. She likes to combine nature with a sense of space —combining natural elements with living spaces to create a space that feels like home. She likes to combine science, art, and functionality.

Jobber Professional Development Day

Jobber’s Professional Development Day is a free virtual conference that features a full day of business-building workshops and live networking to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. The speakers were celebrity investor, world-famous entrepreneur, 4-time bestselling author, and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, Daymond John, and Landscape designer/contractor, TV host, author of Big Impact Landscaping, and […]

Inside Out with Belgard featuring Sara Bendrick

In Episode #12, Joe Raboine, Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes, chats with landscape designer, contractor and TV personality Sara Bendrick. Joe and Sara discuss how design-build professionals can create balance in outdoor spaces and keep up with consumer trends, as well as hear from a female leader on being a woman in the male-dominated construction […]

Landscapes Matter | TEDxSolanaBeach

As a landscape professional, I know how residential landscapes affect the feel of a home, neighborhood, and the surrounding environment. Many people have yards, but are disconnected from them. So, what do we do to our landscapes, and why and how can we do it better to serve us all? What if, instead of being […]

Mulch 101

Ever since I started my landscaping business, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t really know what to cover open soil with. You know the void between planting in the garden? Naturally, nature will cover itself with other plants, what we might consider weeds, and debris —aka, fallen leaves, twigs, etc. While this can look great […]

I Hate My Yard – Looking back in time

Almost 10 years ago, I hosted a show for the DIY Network called I Hate My Yard. It was early in my career as a landscape designer/builder, and it was a fantastic experience. It allowed me to explore my creativity, see what I was really capable of, and it has truly helped me to be […]

Brady Bunch Landscape Renovation

It’s not often one gets asked to be part of such an amazing and historic project by HGTV’s project manager Dyal Eastman. Working on the Brady Bunch Renovation was like working on a cultural history project —with a lot of cameras! Sara’s job was to reference the historic photos from the late 1960s to identify […]