Relaxing Napa-style yard

One of the main things our client wanted for their yard was to keep it simple and relaxing, so they’d have a small shrine home where they could take a breather after a long day. And so, we did. Building a new fire pit area with gravel, adding a green wall and a pondless water feature as a final touch.

A new fire pit area was built, using gravel to avoid compromising the leaning tree in the yard. A green wall was added as a focal point to break the fence that surrounded the yard.

A pondless water feature was installed. The sound of the waterfall adds more to the relaxing feeling of the yard.

A flagstone patio was also built, which would serve as a dining area.

Couches and chairs were also added to the deck area.

A final detail was added to the yard: a piece of driftwood that was laying around the site. It was framed and hung as a decorative touch.

Photography by Irina Alexandrova

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