Nine Different Styles of Fire Pits for Your Yard

Thinking about a fire pit for your backyard?

Here are our favorite fire pits we’ve installed. Scroll to see all nine!

1. The counsel ring, for those who want the fire pit to be the main character in their yard. The beefy permanent fixture draws you out to a space that can easily hold up to 20 people cheek to cheek 🙂 The built-in seating is comfortable, with an angled backrest and a top shelf for resting arms and placing drinks. It is made out of poured-in-place concrete with a stone veneer to top it off! 

2. Using materials found on-site is one of my favorite things to do. It naturally pulls in the surrounding colors and brings an organic feel to the space. For this firepit, we used stones dug up from the yard. We hosed them off and let them dry so we could see their natural colors. The interior of the firepit is fire brick, and we attached the natural stone with spec mix and thinset to the brick. We topped it off with a cut flagstone cap and fire glass. 

3. Metal is such a great material for a firepit, the warm rust color really demands subtle but stately attention. A few things to note about metal firepits, is that they can leave a rust stain on the surface they sit, so we placed it on gravel. You could also keep up on sealing it, but are you really going to remove all the rocks and seal the inside too? Probably not. So accept it for what it is, or place it where you don’t mind a little rust.

4. Natural stacked stone is a great way to build a firepit. It’s upscale and versatile and can go from beach cottage to mountain house to contemporary. To do this well, you want to ensure the base is level, and I suggest building it between 12”—18” tall with at least 10” wide pieces for stability.

5. For a modern vibe, try floating your firepit in the landscape. You can achieve this by having the first layer of block inset and the second layer of block protrude between 3”-6” out. Adding a rope light for even lighting will give it the effect of floating in your yard! Kind of a fun look!

6. Prefabricated or manufactured firepits are available in many different qualities and price points. Most quality ones will be in the $1200-$5000 price range. Above that, you’re just getting fancy, and below $1000 is fine, but it likely won’t have a quality look or will not last as long as you hope. 

7. Brick-mortared firepits will always be a classic look. If you want to vary it up, you can use natural stone in a “brick” shape. These stones were leftover edging material. We used firebrick inside and natural stone on the exterior with the natural stone cap. 

8. Poured-in-place concrete is a very popular choice, especially on the west coast. There are so many colors you can integrate, Almost any natural tone you can think of. Concrete fireplaces make the most sense if you plan on pouring concrete elsewhere in the yard to share the cost of a concrete pump and concrete finishers. Of course, you could hand-pour and DIY it too, but it is labor-intensive.

9. Natural boulder fire pits are a nod to the most primitive kind of fire pits that our ancestors were familiar with. They bring a raw and interesting effect when they are brought into a built space. I suggest using at least 18”-2”  boulders for the best effect. Hand placing (or machine placing) to minimize gaps looks the best. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey of backyard fire pits! Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of a traditional fire pit or the sleek elegance of a modern design, there’s a style out there to match every taste and backyard aesthetic. Now, I want to hear from you – which fire pit style is your favorite, and why? Share your favorites and any questions you have in the comments below. Need tips for your own fire pit project? Don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m here to help you turn your backyard dreams into reality!


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