A yard with Scandinavian magnificence

The client wanted to renovate their whole beach house and they decided to tackle their yard while they were at it. To match the looks of the interior of their home, we chose to go for a similar Scandinavian aesthetic, playing with a black, white, and gray palette.

The client wanted to dedicate a part of the yard to a driveway, so we poured dark gray concrete slabs. And, because the house was on a slope with sandy soil, it was important that we connect the concrete pad to each other underneath to hold them as a single unit and help prevent slippage over time.

Glacier-white gravel was added between the slabs.

A deck was also built to connect the street entrance with the front door of the house. To maximize the open space for the lawn, the entrance was moved to the north side.

Custom Cor-Ten steel planters are perfect for the coastal influence and were allowed to rust naturally, softening the overall aesthetic.

A succulent Greenwall breaks up the large white wall. Because the wall is facing north, these plants never get direct sunlight, so we had to let succulents thrive in reflective light.

We wanted a simple, clean side yard path. We used 3×3 Valori Precast pavers in Blanca and slate chip mulch in between, birds of paradise, and small succulents. They extended to the front yard.

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